"Scary" A big scare!

Hi friends, it is me again, Have you ever heard of "Maze" game? If not so, you should have. In short, this game is a skill gaming and consists of guiding a small square through a maze. When it seems you are going to complete the level, suddenly a horrible image and sound appear. Well, the case is that, this game has become so popular and almost everybody knows it and, therefore, very few are fooled. That's why, I bring to you a more discrete version. More specifically, this is a simple computer program, where a little dialog box appear (figure 1) and ask you for the time you want to elapse until a horrible image and sound appear. Then, click OK and already, we just have to wait.

Figure 1: Scary's main window.

If you want a more ilustrative explanation, take a look on this video.

You can download the little program (zip compressed) from here:
Scary.zip tested in Windows and Windows Vista. The version for Windows XP is here: Scary.zip

If the links a above doesn't work, try these ones:
Scary.zip (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
Scary.zip (Windows XP)